Today is the perfect day to whine.

Happy people focus on what they have.  Unhappy people focus on what’s missing.   Only you can fill in what’s missing.  For me?  It’s only fruit.   Happy National Sangria Day.   (12/20 in the USA) If you’re going to wine today, this is the way to go.  Sorry for the typo in the headline. ;0)  Cheers

Just a little goes a long way

Happy Nat’l Espresso Day. (In the USA) Enjoy the benefits:— Warms you up— Wakes you up— Rationale  to procrastinate— Makes you happy. The Lesson: Enjoy the little things in life. One day you’ll look back and realize there were big things. Thanks for taking the time to read this to allow me to espresso myself. ;0)

So, you unhappy?

I was going to save this post until tomorrow. But I’ve had so many messages from Republican and Democrat friends…everybody is not happy. You build your expectations and hopes high…Only to have them spill into disappointment.You didn’t get what you want. Per data I’ve seen, 67% of the country (USA) voted. (wow!)Lots of expectation for …

Think outside the “shipping” box

Why is Amazon the successful monster it is?   The team is always thinking outside the box….in this specific case, outside  their shipping boxes.   Besides being excited to get your purchase, you can also have some Halloween pumpkin fun…and get talked into downloading and using their AR App… And probably training their Machine Learning for some future …