Too much of anything is…

What’s the goal of advertising? To educate and delight potential customers?To sell more stuff? Or to have a colorful dashboard to show a client the X impressions delivered? This is an actual webpage with ONE paragraph of content. This site is well known; got over 7-million visitors last month…and their audience puts up  with 8 pages per […]

Did YOU stand in line?

It started today back in 2007.   The first Apple iPhone was released.  People lined up for days to get their hands on one.   (You ever do the iphone line?) This experience still exists, if not bigger,  13 years later.How do you achieve that kind of brand loyalty? I suggest many companies don’t achieve it because: — Their real […]

Make ’em smile on World Hello Day

For the 47th time on November 21st, it’s WORLD HELLO DAY. Your goal today is to say Hello to ten people you don’t know.  But I challenge you to raise your game.  Put some style in your greeting; make it fun and let’s see your personality come through.  Say Hello…but also make them smile!

It started at Sunrise

Since the very first shots were fired in Lexington on a 1775 July morning during sunrise, over 1.4 million ultimately brave people have given their lives, serving in the US Military to keep America strong and free. Add the countless veterans wounded plus those who served or are on the job today. Let’s make some […]