Call someone who cares

No office chat No coffee shop talk No conference with 2-day old muffins We’re in “day two” of business not as usual. Lots changing in your day. Stop.  Hit pause on social media, what’s on TV, whatever you’re doing…  Take 1 minute and CALL someone to ask how they’re doing. It WILL mean a lot to […]

It’s in the mail!

It’s National “Send a card to a friend” day! It was all the rage in 15th century  Europe:  sending a card. A Birthday is #1, Mother’s day is #2 in the purchase pecking order. The internet digital options and social media has driven the act of mailing down; and it continues to shrink about 5% a year.  Stats […]

Have you been “good” for Santa?

The question is not if you’re “good”…but you “good enough”?  You ask this question of yourself every day.  For the project for the boss?  The business presentation to your customer? To make a friend smile? To win the game?  (Think Philly Eagles here) To have Santa come down YOUR chimney?  Good maybe the enemy of […]

Do you remember where you were?

Maybe remember who you were with? And after you learned the tragic news out of New York City on 9-11., do you remember what you promised to change in your life? For yourself, your family, friends, career, co-workers…18 years later, it may still feel like yesterday… the memory doesn’t fade…don’t let the promises to yourself […]