Come on, tell me a story

Despite all of our new found drama for Memorial Day weekend, let’s remember why we even have the holiday in the US.   Originally known as Decoration Day, we remembered and honored those who died in the Civil war. Memorial Day was not the “official name” until 1967. Now, we honor all fallen soldiers.  There’ll be official […]

See PURPLE on Earth Day?

Happy Earth Day! On this special day, the world is thinking and seeing “green”…trying to help the environment. I also want you to think “Purple” Why? besides it being my fav color, it makes for great world-wide trivia. There are only TWO countries on the entire plane that have purple in their flags! Any guesses? […]

It started at Sunrise

Since the very first shots were fired in Lexington on a 1775 July morning during sunrise, over 1.4 million ultimately brave people have given their lives, serving in the US Military to keep America strong and free. Add the countless veterans wounded plus those who served or are on the job today. Let’s make some […]