Too much of anything is…

What’s the goal of advertising? To educate and delight potential customers?To sell more stuff? Or to have a colorful dashboard to show a client the X impressions delivered? This is an actual webpage with ONE paragraph of content. This site is well known; got over 7-million visitors last month…and their audience puts up  with 8 pages per […]

It went Viral

The word “Viral” has been in the news so much lately…but its been the “Holy Grail” of the marketing and social media world. How do we go viral?  How do we take an idea, spread it from person-to-person and have them spread it for exponential awareness? –You may  be right concerning the quality of your […]

Rainy Day Lessons Learned

Lessons learned on a rainy SundayA TV marathon of Law & Order on a rainy Sunday workscontent worksAdvertising worksFrequency in advertising worksGreat creative in advertising worksA burrito and a chalupa really works right about nowDespite our virus drama and everyone’s life turned upside down… marketing still works…right now

Does the media matter?

CONTENT IS KING! My question: Does the media really matter in Marketing? So many in advertising…and the businesses they shout about, usually chase the latest shiny new toy (This puppy has her own TIKTOK channel BTW) But does the media really matter IF your message connects and the word spreads? With the right content, regardless […]

Customer Service is a Strategy.

So much effort, creativity, sweat and huge money is spent finding new customers; to get non-customers to “try us”. Netflix saves over a $1-BILLION a year with customer retention. Netflix recommends content based on what their customer watches and use their data for a basic philosophy:“Stop trying to sell your customers what YOU want…sell them […]