Thanks for the gift

It was 16 years ago on this very day an amazing team  worked me over with triple bypass heart surgery. (Thanks Doc Singer) The 5,483 days since gifted me so many exciting experiences, getting to know special people, visits to must-see sites, hit chart-breaking career achievements…even just savoring a cup of coffee, or a Bourbon. ;0) […]

Why you reading this?

More like how:  you’re connected to the internet.  Today, in 1988, Apple launched a service to connect your computer to the internet.  And if you’re old enough, you remember paying for access by the hour. Applelink launched at $15/hour.  (plus $35 annual fee) It was a modest hit, but they got into a “business squabble” […]

It’s a very special day

Think it’s just another day in our virus hamster wheel? Well, it IS a special day.  It’s someone’s birthday…maybe an anniversary. Could be a special occasion to remember for some business, work or life event.  Every day is a special day for someone.  Remember it, celebrate it and  what makes it a notable day for […]