You know the rules.

Rules. Every business and organization has them. Rule #1 is usually: “Follow our rules”.
If you’re in a leadership position, please consider this rule for your team. Have them: “Ask why; challenge everything”.
It takes courage to have your team do this, even as some rules become obsolete; even silly over time…all because no one asks “why”. (It’s really easy to just be the hamster in the wheel)
It’s time to start asking questions and make it better for everyone.

What’s today’s adjective?

Ever notice we always use adjectives to make something sound a lot better? A food, your day, a crispy carrot, a tart cherry, a sweet nectarine or like this sign I saw today: fresh squeezed juices. Your challenge: pick an adjective for yourself today. What type of juice you bringing to make our day a bit more tasty?

How’s your juice?

Are you “Busy as a Bee?”

Are you “busy as a bee”? We started using that quote in the 15th century to describe busy people…but are you busy -or- productive? A bee will work while there is daylight (but takes off rainy days and when below 50 degrees) Making one pound of honey takes a visit to 2-Million flowers. A single bee will visit 5,000 flowers EVERY day. thank you in advance for being as “productive” as a bee…whatever you do. You make it sweet for the rest of us. A “Don’t kill my Buzz” thought for your personal garden.

flower with bee
Don’t kill my buzz

What will you fight for today?

What do you want to be today? Perfect? Productive? Interesting? A photo of my puppy at a certain statue in Philadelphia brought a personal quote to mind: “Don’t aspire to be like your Heroes, strive to be what your heroes want to become.” Rocky had a goal of being much more than a Champion Fighter. So…what will you fight for today?

rocky statue
Macy Jane with Rocky at Philly Art Museum

How LOW can you go?

The lowest place on the planet? Challenger Deep; in the Mariana Trench. About 6.8 miles straight down in the Pacific Ocean. Think… how many businesses promote they have the LOWEST prices….so many advertise the same thing. Remember, the price race to the bottom is one you just might win. Then what “low place” will you promise to take us to? If you run a business…it’s not just about pricing; it’s about how you make us feel.

pacific ocean map
The low spot on Earth.

Know how to peel a banana?

A link to a quick video of peeling a banana from the other end. It “IS” easier. Check out the technique on my LinkedIn post. Why? A few folks responded questioning the idea or concept…so here’s visual proof. Today your goal may be not to “try something new”…but to “try something different”.

screenshot of the real “better peel” deal

My First Blog: Play Ball!

Be the person your dog thinks you are.

— No clue who said this first.

My first post of my new blog on my own website. My previous blogs were mostly on LinkedIn and have a business focus; but my epiphany is many of these random thoughts work for business and life. The foundation is the same: caring…more. The idea came from my puppy (Macy Jane) and something you see in most dogs. When they play ball; they’re ALL IN. They don’t half-ass it. That pup will focus, jump, crawl…leap. They’re fully vested in catching that ball, and having fun while doing it. So the question: whether it’s about a friend, a customer, a brand, the family, or even your pet… Will you “care more today”? Please browse, like a post…heck even subscribe. Imagine how great your day would be if we all just “cared” a bit more. Thank you for visiting. play ball

Macy Jane
Care more today…especially about ball play.

Why care?

Why? Why not? You experience it every day…and it’s something that we talk and even complain about…”Why don’t people care about what they’re doing?” It could be in the check-out line, chatting on social media, about your boss, a co-worker…a customer. Enjoy, share or disagree with the experiences I share. It may lead to a better day; especially if we can get even one more person to “care more today”.

Say “Hello” to 10 strangers.

A goal I strive to achieve every day: I say “hello” to 10 strangers. The stats? 7 will ignore me, 2 will mumble some reply…and then there’s the one. The person who I connected with. They’ll smile, respond and look a bit brighter. Hopefully they’ll pass it on. Imagine if each of us got one person to try this today? New an ice-breaker? The temperature is 24 degrees lower today. Who “doesn’t” love to complain about the weather?

watch with temperature
Temp went from 92 to 68 in one day!