You know the rules.

Rules. Every business and organization has them. Rule #1 is usually: “Follow our rules”. If you’re in a leadership position, please consider this rule for your team. Have them: “Ask why; challenge everything”. It takes courage to have your team do this, even as some rules become obsolete; even silly over time…all because no one […]

What will you fight for today?

What do you want to be today? Perfect? Productive? Interesting? A photo of my puppy at a certain statue in Philadelphia brought a personal quote to mind: “Don’t aspire to be like your Heroes, strive to be what your heroes want to become.” Rocky had a goal of being much more than a Champion Fighter. […]

Why care?

Why? Why not? You experience it every day…and it’s something that we talk and even complain about…”Why don’t people care about what they’re doing?” It could be in the check-out line, chatting on social media, about your boss, a co-worker…a customer. Enjoy, share or disagree with the experiences I share. It may lead to a […]

Say “Hello” to 10 strangers.

A goal I strive to achieve every day: I say “hello” to 10 strangers. The stats? 7 will ignore me, 2 will mumble some reply…and then there’s the one. The person who I connected with. They’ll smile, respond and look a bit brighter. Hopefully they’ll pass it on. Imagine if each of us got one […]